1. The Boston Terrier is people-oriented, always preferring to be around.

Bostons Terries are passionate playmates for children and happy to be a fun companion for adults. Bred to be a companion, they would be unhappy without their owners’ attention. Fortunately, Boston is so charming and fun that breed enthusiasts are happy to spend time with their pets.

2. The breed is known for its high intelligence

They learn quickly and excel in dog sports such as agility and flyball. They also quickly master tricks, though they have some trademark terrier stubbornness. But it’s hard to stay mad with Bostons, especially when they look at you with a smart, impish gaze.

3. Most Bostons love physical exercise, especially when it involves playing with people.

They enjoy playing with children or a good game of frisbee. They are adaptable. Compact enough to be an excellent city dog, the Boston Terriers are excellent to walk around the neighborhood. One caveat: Boston Terriers are brachycephalic, meaning they have a flat, broad nose and a short upper jaw. Like other dogs of this class, they are tent to overheating in humid or hot weather. Due to their short fur, they are also less tolerant of the cold, so you might want to consider buying a warm outfit for your Boston.

4. The breed’s nickname is “the American Gentleman.”

Because of their elegant appearance and gentle, courteous nature, as well as the fact that they were bred in the USA, the breed has earned this fitting nickname.

5. Boston terrier on the most popular breeds in the US

The popularity of the Boston Terrier has been maintained throughout the 20th century to the present day. According to statistics in the USA, from 1905 to 1935, the Boston Terrier was either the first or second most popular dog breed in the country. Currently, the breed’s popularity has slightly declined, but Boston remains a prevalent breed.

According to akc.org, the Boston Terrier is ranked #21 on the list of the most popular dog breeds.

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Last Update: 30.03.2024