Boston Terriers are known for their charming tuxedo coats, expressive eyes, and, of course, their unique tails. But what’s the deal with those tails? Let’s dive into the world of Boston Terrier tails, weaving in some insights and maybe even a tale or two about my 2-year-old pressios Boston Dumpling.

What Kind of Tails Do Bostons Have?

These dogs sport short tails. Some are corkscrew-shaped, and others may be straight. However, all of them are quite short. It’s a breed trait, really. You won’t find a Boston Terrier with a tail that can wag over their back like some other breeds. Dumpling for example wiggles the tail with excitement whenever it’s time for a walk or when he’s about to get a treat. And yeah he loves treats!!!

Dumpling loves treats

Why Are Boston Terrier Tails Cut?

Here’s the thing – they’re not usually cut. A lot of folks think that Bostos have their tails docked, but that’s not the case. Their short tails are all-natural, part of their genetic makeup. It’s a common misunderstanding, but now you know. Dumpling was born with his short tail, no snipping involved.

Why Boston Terriers Don’t Have a Tail?

If your Boston seems to lack a tail, it’s likely just very short. This breed’s tail can be so tiny that it looks like they have none at all. It’s just how they’re born – a hallmark of the breed’s distinctive look.

Are Boston Terriers Tails Cut at Birth?

Nope, they’re not cut at birth. This misconception probably comes from confusing them with other breeds where tail docking is a common practice. Boston Terriers naturally have short tails due to their genetics, so there’s no need for tail docking.

Any Health Issues With Tail?

Boston Terriers can have issues related to their tails, especially if the tail is tightly curled or what’s known as a “screw tail.” This can lead to problems with cleanliness and even infections if not properly cared for. It’s something to keep an eye on, ensuring that the area around the tail is clean and dry. Dumpling hasn’t had any issues with it, thankfully, but you gotta check every time you do grooming sessions.

Boston Terrier tails are a quirky and beloved trait of this delightful breed. They might not wag in the typical doggy fashion, but these tails add to the Boston Terrier’s unique charm. Whether it’s Dumpling’s tiny wiggle of happiness or another Boston’s corkscrew twist, these tales tell a story all their own.

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Last Update: 23.03.2024